• Natural pen enlargement from 3 to 7 cm
  • Strong erection lasting up to 3 hours straight
  • 100% natural components

They didn’t let us know about it for several centuries!

The scientists visited Tabuaeran island and met a tribe which revealed prenis enlargement secret.

As a matter of fact africans not always had giant penes. It all started 300 years when men from Tabuaeran island started to drink a special decoction based on the shaman’s recipe to sustain male vigour.

It didn’t only help to make pen bigger, but also enhanced potency.

This tradition is still live. That’s the men of this tribe have the largest penes in the world and are considered to be the best lovers.

Gum2Cum benefits – the tribals know a thing or two about lovemaking

  • A standard sexual act between a man and a woman lasts from 2 to 4 hours straight.
  • A man can satisfy 3-4 women straight.
  • Average size of a pen of this tribe’s man is 27.5 cm.

Gum2Cum what is, use – the epitome of traditions and modern technologies

When scientists received the recipe of a ‘magical’ drink, they recreated and upgraded the formula for mass production. This way Gum2Cum capsules made their appearance.

Gum2Cum effect – how does it work?

Man’s pen consists of numerous erectile tissues.

When a man turns on, they become engorged with blood, that’s why erection occurs. The more dense the erectile tissues are, the bigger is the man’s pen. The more they engorge, the stroner erection will be.

Gum2Cum penetrates into erectile tissues and contributes to fast regeneration of cells. The tissues elongate and stiffen, that’s why the pen is growing. Due to engorgement of vessels, blood flow improves and makes erection stronger and longer lasting.

What’s the secret of Gum2Cum – ingredients

  • Katas ng eleutherococcus and ugat ng ginseng are natural aphrodisiacs, they enhance sex drive and increase stamina.
  • Kapeina and kristalisadong mentol improves sensitivity, tones, enhances pleasant sensations.
  • Asidong kloroheniko boosts sex drive, increases sex duration, improves sperm quality.
  • Guarana Increases testosterone production and makes erectile tissues and pen root more dense, due to this, it becomes not only longer, but also thicker.

Firsthand information

Michael Francis, A scientists, one of creators of Gum2Cum

We have been studying the phenomena of African men’s genital system and the reasons why their penes are much bigger comparing with the world standards. Finally, we managed to find an uncontacted African tribe and learn a recipe for pen enlargement and healthy potency from them.

Before we started working on Gum2Cum , we made a lot of tests which proved efficiency of interaction of natural components. We added one more important component. That’s how Gum2Cum appeared – the first natural and safe treatment for pen enlargement and erection enhancement.

Soon, every man will be able to make his pen as big as african’s. According to the latest gum2cum research, the men aged from 20 to 60 enjoy great results.

At the test stage, 37 test persons from India tried gum2cum out. Each of them noted that pen became from 3 to 5 cm bigger. Erectile function restored in 87% of test persons due to Gum2Cum.

Average duration of the first sexual act was 40 minutes.

They have already tried out Gum2 Cum and share the results: opinion, reviews, forum, about


To be honest, I didn’t believe it would work out! Me and my friend ordered it just for fun. His pen grew 3 cm longer, mine – 5 cm longer! I didn’t know that the size is SO important for woman! Now it’s not me who called back after sex, it’s the women! So great!


If you need amazing sex, Gum2Cum is cool stuff! Erection lasts FOR HOURS! If you use it regularly, you can even control your orgasm. As for enlargement, my pen was already quite long – 19 cm – but it really grew 2 cm longer. The nature knows when it’s time to stop.


I had problems with girls because of a small pen size. I was on the edge of getting operated, but decided to try Gum2Cum first. My pen grew 4 cm longer in a mongth. It’s a lot for me! Now I have average pen size!

Gum2Cum order, buy – for the ones who want more!

Gum2Cum Singapore, benefits, result, order – who are you in bed: a lion or a puppy

How often does your partner scream in bed and tear your back, exhausted with orgasm?

It will happen every night with a unique product Gum2Cum! All night long!

Gum2Cum opinion

“For 20 years already I’ve been helping men of all ages to solve the main male problem – weakening or complete lack of potency. I’ve been looking for a really efficacious and at the same time safe product for potency recovery. “Gum2Cum” is in fact just the thing I’ve been looking for. When I studied the results of lab researches and tested it on several of my most hopeless patients – I was greatly amazed! I can recommend “Gum2Cum” with full confidence as the best product for curing and prevention of weakening potency”.

Stevenson M.D.,

sex therapist

Gum2Cum ingredients

A special combination of the product’s components regulates metabolism in a specific way, it stimulates the body’s production of testosterone by increasing its content in blood until it reaches optimal level. The usage of this product helps increase sexual desire, strengthens erection, prolongs sexual intercourse and intensifies orgasm.

Women will get butterflies in their stomach at the mere sight of you, because great sex is much more impressive than good looks or an expensive car! With “Gum2Cum” your partner would never call you “little buddy” or a “quick-cummer”. She is sure to become aroused at the mere recollection of your last night!

Sure enough, you may compensate for your complexes by buying a giant Jeep Cherokee or having a thick purse. But how a solid bank account is going to help you to spend the night with a woman? Will it really help you overcome your embarrassment and fear that you might disappoint her?

There are a lot of reasons of weakened potency and most of them don’t depend on us

  • Age
  • Bad environment
  • Low-quality food
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Lack of vitamins
  • Life-style
  • Stress

Nowadays the market offers a lot of products for potency enhancement. Some of them are non-effective, the others can only give only a short-time effect, like Viagra and its cheaper analogues.

Some of them might even be simply dangerous: untested and unlicensed drugs the usage of which can lead to serious health problems. But there is one reliable and effective product:

Supplement for potency “Gum2Cum” – reviews, about

It is a unique product which has gone through a multitude of clinical trials and proven its effectiveness by bringing back to tens of thousands men their male power and self-confidence.

A special combination of the product’s components regulates metabolism in a specific way, it stimulates the body’s production of testosterone by increasing its content in blood until it reaches optimal level.

“Moreover, a unique formula of the product “Gum2Cum” stimulates immune system, improves general heath, helps overcome physical tension reduces fatigue after intense mental activity, increases performance at work.

So what’s the secret of “Gum2Cum”? What is Gum2Cum

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Kind of shrubs in the family simaroubaceae, the greatest popularity has received as an aphrodisiac to enhance libido.

  • Elephantopus saber

The plant is native to Asia and Africa continents, used in medicine as a powerful aphrodisiac. The roots are used as a diuretic, antipyretic and tonic.

  • Pitchecellobium

Fruit pulp Tamarin quite sweet to the taste. Tamarind bark has a high content of tannins, has astringent properties, normalizes the intestinal flora by helping to prevent dysbacteriosis or get rid of it. It perfectly improves blood circulation and potency, increases the duration of erection and fights aging.

  • Betula alnoides Buch Ham

Leaves of Betula alnoides applied on the Asian continent as an antidote for snake bites. Their extract improves blood circulation, has a regenerative effect on the whole body as well as the organs of the urogenital system. Has a direct beneficial impact on erectile function.

  • Anaxagorea Luzonensis

The plant with white flowers that grows in the Asian continent. Used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Directly affects the internal human organs, participating and encouraging restoration visceral tissues. Is involved in the development of hormones of happiness, and also has a tonic effect on the nervous system, reducing frustration, emotional dysfunction.

  • Dracaena conferta

Possesses the most potent antioxidant activity. The results demonstrated that there are plants with strong antioxidant activity present in the traditional remedies for rejuvenating purposes. Dracaena juice is used to treat skin diseases, stomach ulcers, has a calming effect, improves the immune system.

Unlike the majority of modern potency enhancing products, “Gum2Cum” not only will better your erection but also boost the growth of your penis.

When it is recommended to take:

  • decrease of sexual activity
  • unstable erection
  • impotence
  • reduced potency
  • premature ejaculation
  • libido disorder
  • inability to have frequent sexual intercourse
  • infections of the urinary system (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis)
  • intensive workout
  • mental and physical fatigue
  • low quality and quantity of sperm
  • frequent stresses
  • reduced intensity of orgasm

Benefits of “Gum2Cum” supplement, how to use, effect

  • Convenient processed form and dosage
  • Numerous laboratory researches confirmed positive result of 96% men
  • Long-lasting effect – from 3 to 6 months
  • 100% organic ingredients guarantee safety for your health
  • No contraindication to alcohol
  • Compatibility with medications

Gum2Cum forum: comments on the product “Gum2Cum”

I try to keep my body fit and healthy for my whole life. I don’t smoke, I almost never drink alcohol. All that for the sake of “male health”. But when I turned forty, it became clear to me that it’s not enough. My friend (who’s a chain-smoker and never misses the opportunity to have a shot of whisky now and then) recommended the supplement “Gum2Cum” to me and I tried it. The effect is in fact better than that of a healthy life-style.

Anurag Das

I’m 45. Not long ago I met a girl who’s almost 20 years younger. I worried that she’d get interested in someone her age, someone more energetic than me. I thought the matter over and decided to try “Gum2Cum”.

Now her peers can’t compete with me!

Dhananjay Kumar

After many years of marriage, I started to lose interest in the duties of conjugal life. My wife noticed these changes and for our anniversary she gave me quite a practical present – the supplement “Gum2Cum”. And she was right all along, now everything’s even more interesting than it used to be ten years ago.

Hari Om Sharan

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