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Cystitis is an actual and widespread problem among women. In Singapore alone, about 26-36 million cases of this disease are reported annually. Due to the physiological structure of the body, a short and wide urethra predisposes to the penetration of microorganisms, women suffer from cystitis as much as 30 times more often than men. According to statistics, every fourth woman suffers from this disease at least 6 times during her life, and 32% suffer from chronic cystitis.

In inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, antibiotics are often used, but they only relieve the severity, not going through with it. Fortunately, the novelty works differently. It neutralizes the root cause of the disease and strengthens the immune system, which leads to excellent results. Cystalex’s capabilities are very wide:

  • Neutralization of pathogenic bacteria
  • Suppression of inflammatory processes
  • Removal of painful sensations
  • Normalization of urinary functions
  • Increasing the body’s resistance
  • Equalization of urine acidity

In this article, you will learn what is Cystalex, how the product works, what are its benefits, how to use it according to the instructions, how to order and where to buy Cystalex at a low price in Singapore. And also you can read reviews, comments and opinions of users about these capsules and find out about the results of other users with Cystalex!

Why is Cystalex chosen for the treatment of cystitis?

The drug has international certificates of conformity, undergoes double control at enterprises in European countries. The advantages of Cystalex have made the drug in demand among users, they completely trust it. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the capsules have no side effects.

  • Speed ​​of action. Pain and stinging go away after taking the first two Cystalex tablets
  • Lack of contraindications. The drug can be drunk by pregnant women with cystitis, it can be given to children from 3 years old
  • Versatility. Cystalex helps with different types of interstitial cystitis, radiation, as well as acute and protracted course of the disease
  • Wellness function. The capsules help to strengthen the immune system and the health of the genitourinary system
  • Prolonged effect. After the treatment and reinforcement courses in chronic patients, remission lasts for years
  • Affordability of the price. Cystalex can be purchased by users of any income, there is an opportunity to purchase funds at a discount

Another plus is the statistics on recovery using Cystalex – it is 97.7% of people using the drug.

98 SGD

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